Sports medley is a game where you play some of the sports.
Before a player can play, their joystick must be configured. On each controller, press a button. At the bottom of the screen will be a number of diagrams, some of which will respond to one of the players' joystick inputs. In the top row, click on the circle that is responding correctly to the left (movement) joystick. Then, in the bottom row, click on the one that is responding correctly to the right (flick) joystick. This process will repeat for each controller that is connected. Do it quickly! The game is always playing!
Use the left stick to move. Flick the right stick to do many things. A flick is moving the stick from the deadzone as far as it will go. The faster you move it, the stronger the action.
The Sports

Hockey: All players must pick up a hockey stick. Once you've got a hockey stick, flick the right stick to shoot hockey pucks (and really anything else) in the direction you flick. Shoot the puck into the other team's goal to win. Each goal is worth a point.

Dodgeball: Pick up a dodgeball and throw it at the enemy team. You can run anywhere, but you can only shoot from your own side. Each hit is worth 1/20 of a point.

Kill the Carrier: Pick up the flag. If you've got the flag, run away. If you don't have the flag, lunge at the player who's carrying it to force them to drop it. Each second is worth 1/30 of a point. The player with a green ring around them is the flag carrier.

Ultimate Flying Disc: Pick up the flying disc (blue circle). While you've got it, you can't move. Throw it with right stick. Score a point by holding the flying disc in your opponent's end zone. Each goal is worth 1 point.

Bonus round: all methods of scoring are active. Go nuts.