The Basics
Zolf is a game about trying to get the best golf score during a zombie apocalypse. Zolf scoring works just like normal golf scoring, but you get -10 strokes for every zombie you kill.
Zolf is played with a keyboard and a mouse.
To swing at the ball, you must first stand near it. You must be standing anywhere in the circle around the golf ball to swing. When the circle turns green, you're ready to go! Swing by moving your mouse fluidly through the green circle that appears the ball. Do not click, or press any buttons. Just swing all the way through, starting outside and ending outside. Yeah, that's it. Just like that. The faster you move your mouse, the harder you'll hit the ball. Here, watch this video.
To hit the ball straight, move through the center of the aiming circle. To curve the ball, move your cursor through the edge of the circle around the ball. Here's another video.
Of course, there will be zombies out on the course with you. If you are eaten by a zombie, your score is set to infinity, and you definitely lose at golf. Kill zombies by hitting them with your golf ball. The ball must be moving quickly to kill a zombie. Keep an eye on the ball's trail. If it's red, it'll do the job. If it's blue, it wasn't moving fast enough. I'll show you how it's done: